Tuesday, 29 November 2011

The Greater Deception: On Govanhill Baths (part 2)

In the August 2011 edition of NO CUTS – FULL STOP! there appeared an article entitled THE GREAT DECEPTION.

This article was created in order to demonstrate the degree of public anger and resentment prevalent throughout Govanhill over the seizure of a valuable community resource by a small, but nevertheless influential cabal of parasitic opportunists, often contemptuously referred to in the local community as ‘The Pollokshields Mafia’.

The commentary was informed from extensive interviews conducted over several weeks with many of the former protesters who were [and remain] outraged and indignant by the manner in which they were actively excluded from the process initiated by the Govanhill Baths Community Trust, an organisation who erroneously claim to represent the interests of the local community, but who in reality used the save the pool campaign as a lucrative job creation exercise for the intelligentsia in this city.

We can however exclusively reveal that following publication of the aforementioned expose there have been two high profile resignations from the Govanhill Baths Community Trust board of directors in circumstances shrouded in controversy.                   

First for the high jump was associate board member Dr. Heather Lynch, who was hastily removed from her position following the disclosure that she was   unlawfully and illegally employed as a project manager earning £34,OOO per annum since January 2010, in direct violation of the boards own statutory directives which clearly states in article 62 that: DIRECTORS ARE NOT ENTITLED TO REMUNERATION. This article has been wilfully and knowingly circumvented in order to mislead and deceive the ordinary local residents as well as the official regulatory body, which oversees and scrutinises the transparency and accountability of charitable trusts.   

In fact, closer examination of these governing documents reveal that Pollokshields resident Dr.Lynch’s directorship was never legally tenable, in view of the fact that in accordance with article 48: DIRECTORS MUST BE MEMBERS IN THE ORDINARY MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY [ In layman’s terms this means that directors cannot reside out-with the boundaries of Govanhill ]
Furthermore, public documents lodged with Companies House reveal that there is no record of Dr. Lynch’s directorship contained therein.

If this criterion is in fact applicable, then it precludes several board members from maintaining their current role as directors within the organisation, a matter that surely demands further investigation from the appropriate authorities.

The highest profile casualty thus far to fall on his own sword has been the boorish, self-aggrandising Andrew Johnson, chairperson of the G.C.T.B. who was described by several audience members at a recent public meeting as an “arrogant bully.”  This gratuitous self promoter is primarily responsible for an overall lack of transparency and probity when ensuring “that the company complies with any direction, requirement, notice or duty imposed on it by the charities and trustee investment [Scotland] Act 2005.

It might also be considered  a matter of public interest to note that during the course of my research I discovered that Andrew Johnson along with fellow director/treasurer Fatima Uygun have been covertly engaged in running their own private business, GRASSROOTS TRAINING AND CONSULTANCY LTD. from the premises of the G.B.C.T/ CENTRE for COMMUNITY PRACTICE. This most certainly will be of great interest to the Scottish Government who invested £60, ooo of public money to facilitate the establishment of the C.C.P. as well as funding the appointment of a manager for research purposes, - ONE Dr. Heather Lynch - This merely serves to demonstrate that time and time again Johnson and his cronies are quite prepared to play fast and loose with the governing rules and regulations of the G.B.C.T.’s own constitution.  

However, perhaps it would be more pertinent to examine the role of the regulatory bodies, for example would Nicola Sturgeon still remain such an outspoken supporter of the G.B.C.T. if she became fully aware of the extent of the chicanery and financial impropriety that have become the hallmark of their tenure?

It is also my understanding that a comprehensive and compelling body of evidence has been forwarded to the Office Of The Scottish Charity Regulator  detailing the extent of G.B.C.T.’s  wanton disregard for their own Governing Articles. Furthermore, I fully expect their findings to be handed over to Strathclyde Police in order to reassure members of public that the named miscreants will be held fully accountable for their actions.

There is little doubt among many of the local residents of Govanhill that this gravy train will soon reach cessation, and despite all the slick propaganda and inordinate media coverage, the two faced good Samaritans are finally being exposed and held to account for the shameful and corrupt manner in which they conducted their affairs.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind my detractors [paid apologists] that I have consistently lent my unequivocal support to the many former protesters excluded by the contemptible Andrew Johnson, and I would urge every single one of them to visit the G.B.C.T. /C.C.P. offices 126 Calder street, and request a copy of their ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION. Even a cursory perusal of the aforementioned reveals the extent of the dirty tricks employed by Andrew Johnson to ensure his position as Chairperson remained unassailable over a four year period.

Finally, the author extends his sympathy to the many volunteers unwittingly hoodwinked by this group of elitist opportunists furthermore I would reassure them that there are many local residents I have interviewed in recent months who are ready, willing and able to step into breach if called upon, the time has come for the good people of Govanhill to throw their hats into the ring and demand that the current practice of social exclusion and subterfuge in the name of charity be ended once and for all, and return ownership of this project  to where it rightfully belongs……To the good citizens of Govanhill.

Roy Walsh
Local Govanhill Resident
Nov 2011