Monday, 2 July 2012

Actions Against Atos in Glasgow

People! The war being waged on the poor, sick and disabled in this country has well and truly begun. The former Labour Government set the ball rolling with its introduction of the notorious Work Capability Assessment (WCA) in 2008 and its hiring of the private, profit driven, multinational Atos to carry out these assessments. The Coalition Government have continued this policy with devastating consequences. Reports have shown that between January and August 2011, up to 1,100 claimants died following Atos assessments and being found fit for work. 

We have both a moral and political incentive to stand with those being cut, the ruling class will widen out there attacks on living standards (around 80% of cuts are still to come), and if we are unable to defend the most vulnerable in our society how will we defend others?

With this question in mind Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! held two events in Glasgow this week; supported by the Black Triangle Disability Rights Campaign, the Accord Campaign, the Merrylee Matters Campaign and the Glasgow Defence Campaign. On Wednesday 27 June we hosted a meeting ‘War on welfare: Time for action!’ and this was followed by a two hour picket of the Atos testing centre on Cadogan Street on Friday 29 June.

The meeting was addressed by supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and the founding member of the Black Triangle Campaign, John McArdle. The FRFI comrade highlighted the parasitic nature of the Atos multinational and its links with the British military and oil and gas exploration abroad. Opposition to Atos he argued had to go hand in hand with a fight against those responsible for its hiring, the British ruling class. John McArdle followed this with a passionate and concrete speech about the reasons why we must support those fight backing, the progress that has been made in this so far and where we must go from here. After the speakers a creative discussion took place with solutions and ideas put forward about how we can most effectively target Atos. Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! will be working with others to now put these words into action.

The follow up picket two days later was well attended and everyone; both the people going through the assessments and their cold hearted assessors; inside the centre were made aware of our presence with noisy chants of ‘Atos Doctors, Nazi Doctors!’, ‘Say it loud, say it clear, Atos are not welcome here!’, ‘Hands off the sick and poor: Atos do not have a cure!’. Despite the torrential rain spirits were kept high and anger at seeing those sick and disabled people going to and from the centre, many with tears in their eyes, made sure that everyone was committed to the protest.

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!  will be holding a picket of this Atos testing centre on the last Friday of every month from now on. The next picket date is below. Between now and then we will be organising different activities to combat the scourge that is the Work Capability Assessment (WCA) and its hired lackeys Atos.

We call for the greatest unity on this issue amongst the people of Glasgow and left groups (The International Socialist Group/Coalition of Resistance, Scottish Socialist Party, Socialist Workers Party etc), who have failed so far to unite and did not attend the events against Atos this week. The Socialist Party sent one member to the picket. Political sectarianism must be left behind and real unity must be formed in the interests of the people on the receiving end of the cuts!

Victory to the poor, sick and disabled!
Oppose Atos and the Work Capability Assessment!

Picket Atos!
Friday 27 July, 2-4pm
Atos testing centre,
Cadogan Street,
Glasgow City Centre.

Contact or 07734348065 for more information or to get involved.

Scams Targeting The Unemployed On Gumtree

Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! Glasgow has received notice from a supporter of a scam that is being promoted on the popular search website Gumtree. In the interests of anyone who may use the Gumtree site for job searching we reproduce the statement below and urge everyone to remain vigilant against the cowardly parasites, who exploit the vulnerability of the poor and unemployed for their own selfish ends, behind this. One of the victims of this scam is quoted below...

‘I have been unemployed for some months now and regularly check the Gumtree website to search for jobs. Last week I came across a ‘Hotel Receptionist’ job advertised with the Marriot Hotel in Glasgow City Centre. This was one of the many jobs I applied for that day. A couple of days later I heard back from ‘Aspire Recruitment Services ltd’ and was delighted to hear I had been ‘shortlisted’ for the job and was to come in for 2 days training on the 28 and 29th June.  The email was well worded but its insistence that £60 was required in the form of UKASH vouchers ‘as a result of recent Government changes to the vetting and barring scheme (VBS)’ made me suspicious. After asking some people about this, I decided that it was all legit, and emailed ‘Samantha Jones, HR Manager’ back the 19 digits for the UKASH vouchers. This was all to my disappointment as when I arrived on the day at the hotel I was told at reception that there was no job on offer and the email I had received had been a fake, as many others had also been caught up in the trap and contacted the Marriot Hotel directly.

Walking away from the hotel I felt humiliated, angry and disappointed, not so much about the loss of money, but more to do with the fact that I thought I had found some decent work after months of looking. My message for the people behind this attack on the unemployed is this; as the upper classes will one day be held accountable for their crimes against the working class so too will the parasites who live in our midst. You are no better than low life drug dealers, exploiting the vulnerability, hope and sincerity of people who are already being hammered by this system. My advice for anyone searching for jobs online is do not trust any email that asks for money, no matter how sophisticated it sounds. I have attached the email I received in response to my application below so that anyone who comes across ‘Aspire Recruitment Services ltd’ or any other fake employment company maybe helped to see through it.’

Victory to the unemployed!
Parasites out our communities!


Dear ...,

We are glad to inform you that after careful look at your CV for the position of ''Marriott Hotel Receptionist'' advertised on Gumtree, you have been shortlisted to join the Training and Induction Seminar. '' CONGRATULATIONS''

There will be 2 day induction and training which will take place on the 28th & 29th of June 2012 from 10am to 4pm each day at:

G3 8RR

The two day training will be fully paid for and you are expected to come with your original documents which is listed below: 

·  Passport /Birth Certificate/ID card (showing your right to work in the UK)

·  Utility bill (showing current address)

·  N.I number

·  Bank/Building Society/Local Post Office details (for your wages)

·  The Confidential Application Form (print out)  

Attached is a confidential application form, please print, fill in all relevant sections and bring it with you on the day of induction/training. 
The pay rate for this position as listed in the Job advert will be
DAY RATE : £9.85
NIGHT/WEEKEND RATE: £11.25 - £12.65 

START DATE: 10/07/2012

There will be Full time and Part time positions to choose from, there will also be morning and night shift, and you will be paid every fortnightly (two weeks). You will be issued a uniform on the induction/training day.
Please e-mail us back the following before the 24th of June 2012

·  Your uniform size (i.e. Shirt, Trousers and Suit)
·  The mode of payment for your CRB checks (Ukash Voucher).

As a result of recent Government changes to the vetting and barring scheme (VBS) the cost of Enhanced CRB check is £60.  Due to insurance purposes and MARRIOTT HOTEL policy, we cannot accept CRB done outside the company.  

A £60 UKASH voucher which is the payment for your CRB disclosure which will be refunded on the day of induction. The UKASH voucher is the safest and secure mode of payment which consists of 19 digits should be emailed to us as soon as possible so that we can commence with the CRB check to avoid any delays with your start date which is on the 10th July 2012.  

This UKASH voucher can be purchased at most Newsagents, off license, most shops with the E PAY/PAYPOINT sign. Once again, you are to send this voucher as soon as possible to avoid any delays, and to avoid being delisted from the chosen post and do not forget to keep your receipt safe for refunds on the day of induction. 


The deadline for the submission by email of your uniform sizes and £60 Ukash voucher numbers for your CRB fees will be on the  24th of June 2012, no work placement will be offered without any of the above and you will not be eligible to come in for the two day training and induction. We are extremely very busy this period and may not be able to respond to your enquiries. We will give you any more information needed on the training/induction day and we are glad to welcome you to our company. 


Kind Regards
HR Manager