Sunday, 10 March 2013

Hamilton Against the Bedroom Tax Campaign Launched

On Thursday 7 March a meeting was organised to call for resistance against the bedroom tax in Hamilton, the meeting was called by supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! The call was answered by around 20-25 people who attended the meeting at the Fairhill civic center. The meeting had a lively feel to it from beginning to end; there seemed to be a real desire from within the room to fight this most recent assault of the poor by the rich ruling class.

As a result of the meeting we agreed that there should be a campaign against the bedroom tax in Hamilton and that this will be called ‘Hamilton Against the Bedroom Tax’, that there should be a facebook page put in place to keep people up to date and informed  about the campaign and its future events and actions (which is now up and running) and we also agreed that there should be a day (Saturday 16th March - anyone interested contact us) where Hamilton Against the Bedroom Tax activists will be going door to door around our local areas with leaflets to inform and encourage people to come along to our next meeting on Thursday 28th March, Fairhill civic centre, 7-9pm.

Hamilton against the Bedroom Tax is dedicated to building a democratic campaign against the blatant attacks of the ruling class against the poorest sections of our communities.

Well done to all who turned out for this initial meeting, let us organise and make each one bigger than the last.

Power to the people!
Onwards to victory!

FACEBOOK: ‘Hamilton Against The Bedroom Tax’
PHONE: 07734348065

Danny McGarrell