Thursday, 2 June 2011

Glasgow calling!

With mass unemployment combining with attacks to unemployment benefits and increased competition for jobs, businesses are setting out to further destroy the wages and conditions of workers, with increasing numbers of casual and agency staff employed with little to no protection from exploitation.

No Cuts – Full Stop! received the following letter from a call centre worker in Glasgow. Thousands are faced with the same experience.

Dear FRFI Glasgow,

Marx would have found call centres fascinating I’m sure. It is an interesting dynamic. Woe betide anyone who has to be off sick.

Break times are monitored closely and any time away from the computer (e.g. to go to the toilet) is all taken into account in percentage terms. I work for an agency for basically minimum wage next to BT workers on a half decent salary with much better Terms & Conditions. Me and other agency workers have less pay, less holiday time, less holiday pay, no pension, no sick pay with a random shift pattern. A worker who started in the office just before me went into work a couple of weeks ago to be told not to enter the office and to wait in reception. He was sacked there and then. Apparently he was late a couple of times and as he is agency they can get rid of you very easily.

In the office there are agency workers who have been there for years. I spoke to two women who have been there working for an agency within BT for 6 years and 12 years respectively.

I met the shop steward and joined the CWU (Communications Workers Union) and was happy to receive a CWU pen. Oh the perks!

The shop steward said that I worked in one of the better call centres in Glasgow as a lot she has visited have 'horrendous working environments'.

Bring on the fight!

Jim R. 

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