Thursday, 22 March 2012


No Cuts-Full Stop! Interviewed a supporter of the recent Occupy Dundee camp. Discussions there have shown that people are very well aware of the injustice of workfare. The NCFS! Blog thanks the person who gave an interview and respects his wish to be anonymous for fear of trouble from the welfare authorities.

Q- How long have you been unemployed - on the buroo?
A- I've been signing on since the 1980's. For years I was on Incapacity Benefit but two years ago they threatened to cut that benefit. I was switched over to JSA - Job Seekers Allowance.

Q- How did workfare come to be put to you?
A- I went into the Wellgate Buroo about six months ago and told to accept workfare or face a loss of benefits,
     including Housing Benefit.

Q- What does it involve?
A- I'm in Tescos packing shelves and menial work like sweeping for £55 a week, doing 38 hours.

Q- Any other folk on the scheme?
A- No other people. I'm feeling a wee bit isolated!

Q- What is your view of workfare?
A- Workfare is not for the working class people of Dundee.

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