Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dundee National Express bus drivers strike

19 May 2011

On Thursday 19 May bus workers in Dundee showed that they would challenge National Express’ attempts to extend the working week from 40 to 43 hours without an increase in wages, cut sick pay for the first three days off and make overtime compulsory. Using the cab radio system, drivers responded to the call to bring the buses in and talks were promised. However management then suspended the branch officers of the UNITE union and the strike was on again that afternoon. Workers are back at work pending negotiations but as one striker re-called, such action had not been heard of since the 1960’s.  We know that we are entering a period when workers - in unions and without - will have to organise.

No Cuts-Full Stop! supports this action to defend conditions and pledges its solidarity to those threatened with disciplinary action for fighting back. Up to the time of writing this account, no report has appeared on the union's website. Worse still, a union full timer - Colin Coupar, ex-Labour councillor - has described the action as ‘unlawful’ and that the drivers could expect ‘no sympathy’ from the public. What Coupar and his well heeled union could do is simple: instead of shovelling millions over to a Labour party that backs the cuts agenda, they could be backing their members and lining up with them to win the support of the people for the battles which lie ahead for all workers. Coupar and the Labour party have chosen their sides, with the multinationals and the cuts - we have chosen ours - with the working class.

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