Monday, 16 May 2011

Standing up for the working class! Long live John MacLean!


On Sunday 8 May, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! and Glasgow Defence Campaign members joined the annual John MacLean march from Eastwood Cemetry to Pollokshaws, organised by the Scottish Republican Socialist Movement.

John MacLean was the most outstanding revolutionary working-class leader on the Clydeside during the crucial struggles underway around the time of the First World War. MacLean's commitment to revolutionary socialism, anti-imperialist solidarity and working class action still inspire today.

FRFI activists addressed the rally held at the end of the march. Dominic O'Hara of the Glasgow Defence Campaign spoke of the recent battles FRFI supporters had fought with Strathclyde police to defend democratic rights. Helen McCourt, of the Save the Accord centre campaign in Dalmarnock also spoke. These represent the concrete struggles of the future, struggles for which the example of MacLean still shines bright.

Long live the memory of John MacLean! 
The working class won't pay for the crisis of the rich!

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