Monday, 5 September 2011

Marching for the Accord centre

Supporters of Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism!/ Revolutionary Communist Group were proud to bring along their new No Cuts- Full Stop! banner to the march and rally organised by the Accord Centre Campaign on Saturday 27 August. The working class streets of the East end of Glasgow echoed to the defiant slogans of  protest as we loudly stated that we were with the campaign and all those affected by the Commonwealth Games carve up of the area. Those streets heard the alternative view expressed forcefully and clearly: "Commonwealth Shame!", as we passed by the shiny new cycling velodrome which will provide a few days entertainment for the priviledged sporting elites, named for the privately educated and knighted Chris Hoy. What a bitter contrast to the plight of the users of the Accord Centre and the family of Margaret Jacconneli who are being pushed aside by the building contactors and big business that are steering the phoney games agenda forward. In the driving seat has been Labour controlled Glasgow City Council who are demonstrating again that they stand by the wealthy and powerful. Their councillor stooges were cheerfully named and shamed by the march as it gathered support from the people of the area. Accord Centre- we are with you! No Cuts- Full Stop!

Unfortunately the old left, in the form primarily of the ex- SWP International Socialist Group, are gaining control of the Accord Campaign and putting their reactionary agenda in place: speakers from FRFI- long time supporters of the campaign- and other groups, were excluded from the rally platform but room was made for an SNP speaker whose party has handed over care homes for the elderly to big business. Trade unions- such as the PCS- whose platforms had themselves excluded the Accord campaigners recently, were also invited to address the crowd. Given the cosy and ongoing relationship between the ISG, SWP and the Right to Work Campaign would we be surprised to find this squad desperately trying to dig up some Labour councillor to opportunistically sign up to the campaign and its public face.

The people of the Accord Centre and their supporters have fought and struggled long and hard, the campaign is overwhelmingly working class in its composition, tactics and demands. They have given real support to the  battle of the Glasgow Defence Campaign to protect the rights to protest and open political organisation. It is tragic now that the middle class left are influencing the campaign and making political space for parties who support the cuts agenda while excluding those holding to the No Cuts-FullStop! principle.

We have to say forcefully that this is not the way forward. We are for the fullest democracy and activity in all the fights against the cuts. We need to mobilise everyone in this battle and give everyone their voice and space in the movement. That is how we make sure that the working class is heard- and listened to!

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