Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Quarriers Staff Out On Strike!

Quarriers staff brave the rain in George Sq

On Tuesday 6 September Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! supporters joined hundreds of striking care workers employed by the charity Quarriers. The workers are represented by the UNISON union and took the action in response to an attack on the wages and conditions of 2,000 staff who face a range of vicious cuts. Pay cuts of between 10 and 23% are planned, along with cuts to maternity and sick pay. The option presented by the management is accept the cuts or face up to 200 redundancies.

Quarriers staff support vulnerable groups such as adults with learning difficulties, teenagers and families and it was heartening to see the fighting campaigners for the Accord Centre bring their support to the lunchtime rally in George Square. Once again the lessons that need to be learned about fighting all cuts - No Cuts-Full Stop! - were there. The most active groups to challenge the cuts so far have been the first victims of them and these have been the most vulnerable people in society. Along with their families, communities and supporters they have made the first challenges to the argument of the ruling class that everybody is in this together. Low paid care workers like the Quarriers staff are now joining that battle and were joined by service users in the protest.

FRFI sends its solidarity to the Quarriers staff and their supporters and pledges to stand with them in their struggle to defend services and defend the working class.

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